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OUR Mission

Support Young Women Empower Themselves across the world and Facilitate the donation of 100,000 #PowerJackets to Rising Young Women by 2030



Building Positive Change: One Life, One Young Woman at a time


A Letter from Verlaine

Why Zahara's Dream?

Young Women Empowerment starts with Opportunity, a Role Model, Confidence and a Power Jacket!

Welcome to Zahara's Dream

Like millions of young women before me, I struggled to find my voice.

I struggled to find my place in society, to find my pace and rhythm. I could not see the path, my path.

I felt lost. I was lost. Until I found myself back. Until I found and nurtured my voice.

I came to understand that finding one’s path and voice starts within. It starts with the tools we are offered, the moments (good and bad)

we experience, the lessons we learn and nurture.


Young Women have the power to smile and to carry on through the storms of challenges.But we do not have to be alone. We can come together in solidarity.


On 8th March 2020, I launched Zahara's Dream. Inspired by my experience and the dreams shared with sisters around the world, Zahara's Dream focuses on programs and initiatives that invest in the success and empowerment of young women through solidarity and innovation by providing:


1. Access to Opportunities #PowerForward

2. Mentoring of Role Models #Sisterskeepers

3. Confidence Building #BeYouPowerfully

4. Access to professional attire support #PowerJacket

Zahara's Dream is about finding yourself. A commitment to believe in yourself and to rally around sisters looking for themselves.

Zahara’s Dream is also the commitment of owning who we are and honoring our beings, our voices and our dreams.

Zahara’s Dream is a movement of women supporting each other, putting radical love and generosity at the center of our efforts.

Zahara’s Dream is about becoming, together.

Always Be You, Powerfully,

Verlaine-Diane Soobroydoo

Founder, Zahara's Dream



Meet The Team

my photo - Jessica Roland.jpg

Jessica Roland

North America Community  Lead Coordinator

"My dream is to be part of a movement that celebrates feminist leadership, that is intersectional in all aspects, and which supports and celebrates growth and empowerment.


Verlaine-Diane Soobroydoo

Founder & Mentorship Lead

"There is no reason why a Young Woman in Nairobi cannot to be the next Bill Gates or a Young Woman from The Bronx the next Jack Dorsey: What we need is opportunity.

Photograph_Suwatthi Kandiah.jpg

Suwatthi Kandiah

Southeast Asia Community Lead Coordinator

"My dream is to create and live in a world where people are respected, dignified, celebrated and loved abundantly irrespective of their differences.


Madioula Diakhite

Francophone Community Lead Coordinator

"I am a young dreamer, aspiring to a world, where everyone has the chance to conquer regardless of social background, ethnicity, gender or religious belief.

Ruth Aine.jpg

Tindyebwa Ruth Aine

Strategic Communication Lead

"My greatest desire is to see young women flourish at a very early age.  Because - Why Not?  So go on, be the first to do what you are doing and change the world - because we can!


Navleen Kaur

Social Media and Marketing Lead

I spent most of my formative years in a small town in India surrounded by women who were never acknowledged for their strength and perseverance. It made me realize early on that as a woman, my journey won't be easy and that I'll have to fight harder.


Whitney Domingo

Francophone Communication Strategist 

"What I want for my sisters and me is a world in which we can fully embrace life without any obstacles.


Ines Madou

Francophone Communication specialist

"I’m my sister’s keeper, I will build my sister up, encourage her and empower her.


Zeituna Abdullahi Jillo

Zahara's Dream English Podcast Volunteer

"My dream is to see every woman to make their own choices and decision regarding their health and well-being."

Affia 6.19-5.jpg

Agostina Ntow

North America Communication Specialist

"My dream is for every young girl to reach her full potential and be present wherever decisions are being made, while remembering to keep the door open for other women. Success is never achieved alone; behind every successful woman there is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.


Okech Annete Adhiambo

Zahara's Dream #Sisterskeepers Lead Coordinator

I am the first female graduate in my great-grandfather lineage. It was hard for women in my family to access basic human rights like education. I always knew the buck will stop with me. I laid the foundation and broke the mould for my younger ones. I did it!

profile -1.jpg

Kenneth Awom

Marketing Strategist

"My dream is to affect my community and the world at large positively. 


Zenret Orse Bakle


Data Lead

"My dream is for everyone to live a fulfilled life by being the best version of themselves.


Ruwani De Silva 

#Sisterskeepers Communication Specialist

"My dream is to empower women to be louder, bolder, and brighter versions of themselves where ever they may be and whichever path they may choose. 


Team Opportunities

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