"Zahara’s Dream Mentorship programme is international, and connects strangers into a space of hope"

In their own words: Zahara's Dream Mentorship Experience by Bame Dintwa (Mentee, Botswana) and Carole Bignell (Mentor, United Kingdom)

Zahara’s Dream’s mission for the mentorship programme is to provide sustainable and effective support systems to young women who have insufficient economic or social resources; thereby, enabling them to be empowered to rise, and become their dream.

We found this phenomenal initiative to be quite challenging when pitted against cyclical and stagnant hierarchical attitudes and inaction, which perpetuate societal inequalities and poverty.

We persevered against the odds nonetheless, and will continue to do so, until we rise…

We are both equally extremely grateful for this opportunity to connect through this programme. Our respective experience from this connection was reciprocal on many levels. It is heartbreaking that a female who has a reasonably good BA degree in education struggles to find employment that matches her academic qualifications. It is further heartbreaking when local lack of opportunity and funding hinder a dream to do a Master of Psychology degree to enhance self -development and realise a lifetime ambition to become an education psychologist. This sadly is the reality for my mentee, who had to settle for employment as an intern, on a minimal salary.

Thankfully, Zahara’s Dream Mentorship programme is international, and connects strangers into a space where hope and dreams become very strong probabilities.

As a mentor, with access to some of life’s advantages, I quickly learnt through connecting with my mentee, that ours was a connection of equals, barring our respective lived situations, where the corruption and cronyism in any nation’s economic or political operations, cause societal poverty, and hinders individual development and empowerment for many, such as my mentee.

Despite being from the UK, I can fully empathise with the frustrating reality of my mentee’s situation, and we have decided that perseverance is the key to empowerment, and despite this pandemic, which has made an already bad situation even worse, we will strive to take advantage of this wonderful mentoring initiative from Zahara’s Dream, and forge on ahead to rise and be empowered, and move on to empower others in the future, by creating a cycle of empowerment for future generations through #Zahara’s Dream Mentoring Programme.

Thank you Verlaine and Zahara's Dream Team!

Bame and Carole, April 2021 Mentee-Mentor, 2020-2021 Cohort

#BeYouPowerfully #WhenSheRisesWeAllRise

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