"Zahara’s Dream has shown me what true sisterhood is..."

In their own words: Zahara's Dream Mentorship Experience by Carlyn (Mentee, United States of America) and Ruth Aine (Mentor, Uganda)

Ruth Aine:

"March 2020, The world began to shut down. We all thought - this would last just a while. Couple of months and we shall be good. That was me. I had an action packed year ahead of me - and I wanted nothing less! When I had to opt out of my first March trip for work - it didn't register. I thought - Oh Well, this shouldn't be long. Let's push this travel to May!

Then April came and then it began to register. Every thing came to a standstill. The news cycle for months was tackling different facets of the COVID19 Pandemic. The World changed - and all I was looking for was a sense of Normalcy. That's when Zahara's Dream happened. June 30,2020 was when I signed up to be a Mentor! I was looking to feel helpful, to feel wanted, seen and appreciated. I was looking to belong to something bigger than I, a cause that resonated with who I was - the only thing that had not changed with the Pandemic.

That's how I found purpose and strength. Zahara's Dream to me was a place that I went to feel recharged & hyped - after spending the whole day in my Pj's - because that was the norm.

That's how I met Carlyn Pounders - an amazing woman that I have loved to see express herself more and take her place (rightfully so) in this world! She shares her account below."


"I saw Zahara’s Dream as an opportunity for mentorship when I needed guidance related to my career. The confidence building also drew me to apply to the program because I severely lacked confidence. Finally, the ability to join this unique community and connect with like-minded young women excited me.

Zahara’s Dream has shown me what true sisterhood is.

I’ve been introduced to and surrounded by SUCH inspiring women, mentors and mentees alike, from around the globe. The workshops have enlightened my mind and raised my consciousness and awareness on so many topics. They’ve also supplied solutions and actionable steps. Zahara’s Dream has lit my own candle; when we say #BeYouPowerfully, I know exactly what that means because of this organization. I know what that looks like. I know what that feels like, and it feels really good! I see Zahara’s Dream growing to be huge and being synonymous with women impactors and changemakers all over the world. A place where you will always find support, resources and inspiration. The digital space has enabled us to connect globally and virtually. I imagine that for so many of us, now we have someone to look to when we travel from our own homelands and communities to other countries and continents. As someone who has never been outside the U.S., this brings me so much joy! Women and girls are so much more than what the world gives us credit for. Zahara’s Dream says “I see you my sister. I see the potential in you. I see the greatness in you. I see what makes you special.” I think every woman and girl needs a tribe like Zahara’s Dream."

Carlyn & Ruth Aine May 2021 Mentee-Mentor, 2020-2021 Cohort

#BeYouPowerfully #WhenSheRisesWeAllRise

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