Zahara's Dream Mentees and Mentors

2020-2021 Cohort!


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Young women cannot be what they cannot see. Our mission with Zahara's Dream mentorship action is to ensure that young women find their #Sisterskeepers, Role Models, to thrive personally and professionally."

Verlaine-Diane Soobroydoo, Founder


Gladys Gladys O. Yiadom

Mentor | France

"I dream of a world in which we can be heard and be fully ourselves."


Juliana Makonise

Mentee | Zimbabwe

"I want to become an impactful Global Leader in the health and political sectors. I want to be known for inspiring people to pursue their passions and believe that anything is possible as long as one is willing to invest time, energy and resources into it."

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Jessica Roland

Mentor | United States of Amercia

"My dream is to be part of a movement that celebrates feminist leadership, that is intersectional in all aspects, and which supports and celebrates growth and empowerment."

Zeituna Abdullahi Jillo

Mentee | Kenya

"My vision is that as women we will be unified and create an environment of sisterhood, be voices of the voiceless.
 I believe that we all have a story to tell regarding our journey and use our stories to inspire others. Young women can prosper in their career if they are given the opportunity to have a mentor."


Ms. Abosede-George-Ogan,

Mentor | Nigeria

"A lot of people struggle to find work because they have not clearly defined their career path and/or identified how to get there. The solution I provide will teach you how to take control of your career."


Okech Annete Adhiambo

Mentee | Kenya

"My vision with Zahara's Dream mentorship program is to keep being a strong person who never gives up; and to always be a good listener and learner in realizing my full potential.
I love to live freely with kindness and integrity."


Joanna Meyer

Mentor | United States of Amercia

"I want to see everyone have access to their greatest potential."


Madioula Diakhite

Mentee | France

"My vision is my destination in life, my main goal is to be powerful enough to create value and bring positive change before leaving this world. I just want to stop dreaming of a fair world and better understand the mechanisms by being fully part of the process.  I choose to follow the path that will allow me to help the most vulnerable, to help shifting the narrative and prevent any crisis in the political field in Africa. My main motivation as a mentee is to be able to better understand my strength, to do more and achieve my dream to be « POWERFULLY ME, ASPIRE AND INSPIRE"


Christelle Onwu Mentor | United States of America

"My dream is to empower the next wave of young women and girls in the world."


Oumie Bah

Mentee | United States of America

"My vision with Zahara's Dream mentorship program is to inspire and contribute to women’s health in every community so as to reduce maternal deaths through health education and advocacy."

Raki Ben Mohammed

Mentor | Niger

"I dream that my daughter and all other little girls have a future where they can live according their deep aspirations"

Mosadikhumo Kalaluka

Mentee | Botswana

"My vision with Zahara's Dream mentorship program is to inspire and contribute to women’s health in every community so as to reduce maternal deaths through health education and advocacy."

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Tity Agbahey, Mentor | Central Africa

"I dream that this stops being a dream, that girls and women everywhere are seen, respected and accepted simply for what they are: humans, trying to find their way around a world that doesn't come with instructions."


Nasreen Al-Amin

Mentee | Nigeria

"My hope is to strengthen my existing skills through learning and embracing new and different approaches of thinking and problem solving.

Doing so will refine my purpose and put me on a path to achieve my life goals which is to create solutions to the climate crisis where humanity is able to live in harmony with nature."

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Setou Outtara

Mentor | United States of America

"My dream is to women and young girls find their voice, feel confident in their identity and rights, and demand a seat at every decision making table that impacts their rights and well-*being."


Oluwadamilola Akintewe

Mentee | Nigeria

"My dream is to be a resounding voice in the advocacy for the empowerment and improvement of the standard of living of adolescent girls and young women (AGYW)"


Verlaine-Diane Soobroydoo

Mentor | Founder

"There is no reason why a Young Woman in Nairobi cannot to be the next Bill Gates or a Young Woman from The Bronx the next Jack Dorsey: What we need is opportunity."


Zahara Fofana

Mentee | Mali

"My dream is empower young girls in my community. We rise by elevating each other."

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Kelebogile Ramokgopa

Mentor | South Africa

"My dream is to see every woman authentically love herself without fear!"

IMG-20190105-WA0049 - Shandukurai Chiusw

Shandukurai Chiuswa

Mentee | Zimbabwe

"I dream to be a voice for women and children whose rights are not fully represented because of sociall standings."

hDzDZxci_400x400 - Bojan Francuz.jpg

Bojan Francuz

Mentor | United States of America

"My dream is to make gender inequality an issue of the past."

photo_2020-05-06_17-24-14 - Selamawit Te

Selamawit Tezera Chaka

Mentee \ Ethiopia

My dream is to be present in decision making table when healthcare financing policy is an issue."

IMG-20200503-WA0001 - Laetitia Ouoba.jpg

Laetitia Ouoba

Mentor| Burkina Faso

"My dream is to build a new generation of Leaders who can transform the world, bring hope, love in people's lives."

Sara Birungi Namuddu

Mentee \ Uganda

"I want to live full and die empty with all my talents being seen in the world."

Ruth Aine.jpg

Ruth Aine

Mentor| Uganda

"My dream is to be the best  that 
I can be."

Carlyn Pounders

Mentee \ United States of America

"My dream is to be the director of communications for an enterprise committed to innovation that's diverse and inclusive."


Nomso Kana

Mentor| South Africa

"Ambition is about stretching myself, a strong desire to know and challenge the status quo."

IMG_20200121_093146_407 - jane motshotel

Jane Memory Motshotelo

Mentee \ Botswana

"My dream is to become a pioneer and a powerhouse in the Biotechnological sector."


Uzoamaka J. Eze

Mentor| Nigeria

"I am here to Support, Educate and Motivate."

My Body My Power - Angela Muruli.jpg

Angela Muruli

Mentee |
United Kingdom

"As a Zahara Mentee, I see myself growing in professional knowledge of my field and building long-term relationships within the Zahara’s Dream network that will affect change in the near and long-term future. Furthermore, I see myself applying lessons and drawing inspiration to face future challenges based on my interaction with my Zahara Mentor and hope that I will in turn inspire and meaningfully exchange my experiences with my Mentor."


Atiya Sumar

Mentor | Tanzania

"Let your choices be guided by your inner most dreams and ambitions!"

Adeng Leek

Mentee | South Sudan

"My dream is to see Women and Youth living in a peaceful coexistence with no existence of GBV, war, hate etc.. but to have access to all the basic needs (Health, Education, Clean water etc)."

Kiden Lukudu

Mentor | South Sudan

"My mission is to create an atmosphere where young women feel like they belong."

Jackie Rebecca Nanyonjo | Mentee

"I dream of becoming a diplomat."

IMG_20200616_184811 - Michel Mzondo.jpg

Michel Mzondo

Mentor |Zimbabwe

"I dream of an equal and just world where women thrive."


Tlotlo Olyndie Pilane

Mentee | Botswana

"My dream is to become an independent, confident young Chemist who is not afraid to face challenges and accept that there is failure in life."

IMG_20200124_154217_137 - Ubani Vivian A

Vivian Ubani

Mentor | Nigeria

"I dream of a world where every young woman is confident and given opportunities at the policy making table."

IMG_20200205_133401_190 - Zenret Bakle.J

Zenret Orse Bakle

Mentee | Nigeria

"My dream is to excel in my professional and personal life."


Carole Bignell

Mentor | United Kingdom

"I dream to see the increasing emergence of strong women leading initiatives for sustainable developmental change across Africa."


Bame Dintwa

Mentee | Botswana

"My dream is to become a successful business woman."

IMG_4604 - Joyce Williams.JPG

Joyce Williams

Mentor | United States of America

"My dream is to see every African woman exercise the power in her to realize her dreams."


Debbie Laba

Mentee | Botswana

"My dream is to empower young women to be the best versions of themselves, with my finance background and my life experience."


Taiwo Olawole

Mentor | Nigeria

"My dream is to be a shinning example on breaking limits in international diplomacy to young women around the world."

Irene Rizzo.jpg

Irene Rizzo

Mentee | Germany

"My dream is to become a powerful voice for the environment, and to contribute to a better understanding of the African continent in Europe."

Helene Wolf.jpg

Helene Wolf  Mentor | Germany

 "I commit to a mentorship relationship I so that I can provide the guidance and mutual learning that we envision with a focus on feminist leadership in practice I am excited to be part of the programme."


Giuliane Bertaglia Mentee | Brazil

“I want to stay connected with my loved ones and encourage my friends to be good ambassadors to our generation and advocates for feminism. I am truly concerned about long-standing challenges facing the world today and hope to provide my contributions to the required collective response”.


Ayan Pierre  Mentor | Djibouti

 "I commit to share my experience, to motivate young women, to be useful to my sisters, to learn from and to encourage women how to raise their voice in male-dominated environments."


Sumaiya Karim

Mentee | Tanzania

"My vision is to be a leader that lives a meaningful life for myself and others, lightens,brightens and paves way for  people to live as how  human beings deserve and reach their goals. I want a life that includes constant learning and improvement for myself and others,work with and around people and do deeds that are of help to others. The urge to see happiness from people I have helped directly or indirectly is what pushes me everyday."


Diaka Camara  Mentor | Guinea

"I am looking forward to this amazing journey of mentorship."

Jacqueline Mukarukundo's Picture (1).jpe

Jacqueline Mukarukundo

Mentee | Rwanda

"My vision is to become a successful entrepreneur. My motivation is whom I am dreaming to become."


Lucia Bakulumpagi-Wamala 

Mentor | Canada/Uganda

"I am gladly becoming a mentor. Kerisha looks like she’s an incredible lady that I can learn from too!"

IMG_20200823_160845 - Kerisha

Kerisha Nayager

Mentee |

South Africa

"My vision is to be a powerful young woman who is confident to reach my full potential in life, to be fearless
in exploring my passions and fulfilling my dreams whilst changing the world for the better with
all that I do."