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Zahara's Dream Mentees and Mentors
2021-2022 Cohort!


Woman Portrait

Young women cannot be what they cannot see. Our mission with Zahara's Dream mentorship action is to ensure that young women find their #Sisterskeepers, Role Models, to thrive personally and professionally."

Verlaine-Diane Soobroydoo,
Founder & Pro-Active Dreamer

The "Toyin Adepoju" Cohort

The second Cohort of Zahara's Dream Mentees and Mentors honors our
late sister Toyin Adepju, of Nigeria. 

Toyin was a beloved sister and member of our community. She dedicated her life to telling women's stories and to supporting young women rise.

We continue to rise, with Toyin in our hearts.

Sharon & Esi
Zeit Jecinta
Sandra & Amanda
Candice & Ethel
Lebo & Macqueline
Faith & Kudak
Ayan & Joyleen
Okech & Theresa
Maryse Paule Achta
Claire & Melissa
Caroline & Mimi
Minolta & Ayo
Lauren & Ernestina
Mirirai Murielle
Wanjiru & Shonal
Amaka & Happy
Jackie & Esther
Shi & Keily
Ganga & Raeezah
Anne & Selam
Fariah & Jen
Aisha & Taiwo
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