Zahara's Dream

Young Women often need 4 things to start their career: 

1. Opportunity

2. A Role Model

3. Confidence

4. A Power Jacket

Mission: Supporting Young Women Empower Themselves and Donating 100,000 #PowerJackets to Rising Young Women by 2030


Our Programs


Creating a set of circumstances that makes it possible for young women to be, do and achieve the highest and truest expressions of their dreams.

Young women cannot be what they cannot see. Zahara's Dream connects rising women in their  journey towards growth with women who are able to share their own journey of overcoming challenges and achieve success in their fields.

Supporting young women tap into their inner strength and build Confidence through the belief in their own ability to create positive change and be successful -- whatever they choose to do or be. #BeYouPowerfully

Supporting young women achieve their professional dreams by providing professional attire and a
#Power Jacket

focusing on supporting young women rising from vulnerable and/or low-income communities.

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Zahara's Dream

Zahara's Dream is driven by a single goal: to do our part to ensure that young women find their true path and have access to the opportunities they need professionally.

Zahara's Dream is an Energetic Community committed to:

1. Understanding that we are more than enough. We are full. Every day, we choose to be ourselves in our highest and truest expressions and not what others expect us to be. 

2. The virtues of Purpose, Love and Generosity to breathe life into our dreams and support the dreams of other women around us. 

3. Inspiring and aspiring to greatness by sharing our experiences, journeys, and voices.

4. Taking Action: we are built to break the mold and Rise. 

On a practical level,​ Zahara's Dream:

Collects professional attire and distributes them to becoming young women at the cusp of their journey;

Creates a platform for exchange and support between mentors and mentees;

Convenes an annual Zahara's Dream Masterclass for young women's continued professional and personal growth and learning.

This is your space!

Our Focus

Building Transformative Change: one Power Jacket and one Positive Tool at a time

Power Jackets

Clothing donations

Zahara's Dream is dedicated to addressing the difficulties young women face in obtaining professional attire. Our team collects professional attire from women willing to donate and distributes them to becoming young women.

We believe that through cooperation and community empowerment we can facilitate progress for women across generations. Zahara's Dream seeks to create a community for exchange and support.

One Step at a Time



Aspire and Inspire

We work to facilitate opportunities to ambitious young women who need them. With access to the right resources and information, young women can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. Zahara's Dream convenes an annual "Be You, Powerfully" Master Class for continued personal and professional growth. 

In the lead-up to the "Be You Powerfully" Master Class, Zahara's Dream conveys weekly online #BeYouPowerfully Talks to help young women build their power.

We lead by example, encouraging young women to take action by providing visible examples of difference-making community outreach every day. We inspire and aspire greatness by sharing our experiences and journeys and learning from them together.
Our voices are heard.

Taking Action

Zahara's Dream Voices

I am incredibly happy to be a part of Zahara's Dream sisterhood. The #BeYouPowerfully Talks are AMAZING. I can't imagine not having these every weekend. Great work Zahara's Dream!

Juliana Makonise, Zimbabwe

Young Businesswoman

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Zahara's Dream Inc. advances young women's empowerment. Our mission is to support young women powerfully follow their dreams.


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